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I have decided to create a blog which I will use to keep friends and family up to date with the current events occuring in the lives of Ruth and Matt. I will post things of importance, announcements, etc... so that those who read can share in our experiences and be kept in the loop.I will also post photographs and pictures relevent to our lives.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Living a life that's full of danger!

Occasionally I have the opportunity to fling myself out of a rapid moving aircraft at ridiculous speeds high above the Earth's surface. Due to the nature of pain that would result from striking the ground at 170mph I employ a parachute to slow down the process. Wednesday I had the privilege of jumping from a UH-60 Helicopter, also known as the Blackhawk!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Updating the Blog

Since it's been so long since our last post, let's get everyone updated!

Olivia is up and about. She crawls, climbs and walks along everything to get everywhere, which is great news for Olivia as she can move herself to get whatever takes her fancy, wires, plug sockets, shoes, paper, bits on the floor and all sorts of new and wonderfully prohibited items. This is not so great for me however, who has to make sure that these sorts of things are not within reach of little fingers.
She is starting to get a grasp on communicating her wants to us with words and actions. She is also sleeping through the night now as well, which was surprisingly easy to accomplish!

Matt is enjoying his studies and gets to spend more time with the family than we thought he would, though that is subject to change at any point. He is also doing very well in the physical side of things, out pacing everyone else.

As for myself, I enjoyed my birthday a lot! Matt surprised me with horseback riding which I have always wanted to try! It was amazing, I can't wait to go again, though I would like to try things that are a little more advanced... but I guess I have to walk before I can run.
I am also enjoying making things with my sewing machine. The going is slow, but that's okay, Olivia comes first.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rolling Over

Olivia doesn't spend a lot of time on her tummy, but lately we've been letting her cry there for a few minutes each day... and a few weeks ago to my utter amazement she tipped herself to the side and over she went, rolling onto her back. Of course I'd forgotten my phone so I couldn't ring Matthew to tell him... but I told him as soon as he got to April's house that evening. He, having faith that his daughter is of a superior strength than most other 3 month old babies, put her on her front again, and she showed him her new found trick. Twice.

For the next couple of weeks we tried to video her rolling over for everyone to see... but every time we'd turn the camera on she'd just lay there, then cry. Finally she showed her true colours to the electronic recording device and over she went. Here is the proof.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Olivia is progressing in leaps and bounds. She is growing up so fast!

This is a typical day in the life of Olivia. She makes "oofing" noises and greets me around 8 or 9am with bright eyes when she decides it's time to wake up. "Good morning Beautiful" I say and she gives me a big smile. For the next few minutes I talk to her and she talks back along with smiles and giggles. After about an hour she's ready to sleep for a little while longer and does so, allowing me the opportunity to eat breakfast, shower, check my emails etc... Then she is up again and ready to play some more. Around now she is okay with playing on her own for a bit, kicking her blankets off, watching Mummy putting them back on, kicking them off again (it's a great game...). Sometimes she likes to chew her fingers, they taste so good! For the rest of the day she plays and she sleeps, sometimes needing Mummy or Daddy to cuddle her or talk to her. By the end of the day she's getting tired... around 7pm she's ready to start having little 10 minute naps readying herself for the big sleep that overcomes her around 10 or 11 pm... just in time for Mummy and Daddy to go to sleep.

To show a little snippit of her day, here is a video of some of her Daddy play time.

P.S. Ahhgoo = I love you.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome to 2009!
Olivia had her first Christmas.
Christmas was spent in Alabama with Kellie.
Matt is back in his language classes.
We have netflix!

Olivia's first Christmas was a hit! We were able to travel down to Alabama to spend it with Kellie and her parents. We had stockings and presents and a Christmas turkey, it was almost complete... all it lacked was Christmas Crackers. And roast potatoes. And Uncle Steven and Auntie Sue's house. And the family Christmas party... but I'm not complaining! It was wonderful, just different... and that's okay.

We had a lot of fun at Kellie's house. I got to be a little childish and wrap things that already belonged to the people I was giving them to. My favourite was Kellie's slipper... which mysteriously vanished until Kellie opened one of her presents and SURPRISE it was under the Christmas tree wrapped up in Christmas paper the whole time. It was a fun game that will probably start to happen every Christmas. Maybe I'll have rewards for whomever guesses what I wrapped of theirs before the grand opening! We'll have to see...

Matt started back at language class the week before Christmas and is enjoying learning Korean for the second time. He is very happy with the way his new teacher organises her lessons and is finding the experience a great deal more productive than the last one.

Matt and I decided that as we rent movies from the local store now and then, it would be more cost effective to sign up with netflix. That way we can watch as many movies as we want (or as time will allow), and feel no pressure to watch them at inconvenient times before they have to be returned to the shop.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Like Father and Mother, Like Daughter.

To put it in Matt's words, we have a non-conformist child. Yep, yesterday was my 36 week OB apointment and surprise surprise our daughter is breech. At my last apointment 4 weeks ago, she was in a wonderful head down position and the lady told me that if she turned, I'd know about it. A few days later I started to feel a foot in my side and our daughter decided she liked that position and stayed in it. So for 3 and a half weeks I assumed she was in a head down, foot in my side position that she had found was particularly comfortable... in actual fact it's a head up, foot in my side position that she has found is particularly comfortable.

The doctors have given us two options... the first is a scheduled C-section. I would prefer not to go that route if at all possible... The second is to try and turn the baby manually at 37 weeks. This proceedure has a 50% success rate, is quite painful and has a few "side note" complications that could arise. Some of the things that could happen are:

-the baby could turn and everything would go as planned
-the baby could not turn and I would have to have a scheduled C-section anyway
-the baby could turn and the proceedure could cause me to go into labour, in which case I'd just have the baby normaly
-the baby could not turn and I'd go into labour and have an emergency C-section
-the baby could get distressed and I'd have an emergency C-section
-the placenta could come away from the uterus wall causing danger for both myself and the baby, resulting in an emergency C-section
-the placenta could rupture or get damaged resulting in an emergency C-section

There are a few others but I wasn't paying as close attention as I needed to so I've already forgotten them.

Aparently our baby being breech is more of a complication than I would have expected. I think we've pretty much decided to give the baby turning a try... the worst thing that could happen is that I'd have a C-section, which I'd have to have any way. The doctor will try to turn her next tuesday, 2 days before Matthew's scheduled eye surgery. Dispite the offered epidural for the pain, I'm quite nervous and would appreciate any prayers offered on our behalf.

A note to both our dear mothers to whom we did the exact same thing; Sorry.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The New Place

Just over a week ago we moved into our new apartment. Hooray! It was a taxing move that took us 3 days from the start of all the packing to the handing over the keys to the old apartment. Needless to say the unpacking isn't finished yet!

A little information about our new apartment:

-Ground floor (first floor to all the American readers)
-Two bedrooms
-Two bathrooms
-Spacious kitchen
-Washer and dryer hookups
-Built in microwave
-Alarm system
-Gated community
-24 hour maintainance
-Access to pool and gym
-Access to laundry room
-Access to tennis courts
-Access to children's play area
-Access to car wash facility
-Our own supply of beatles that seem to be attracted to our front door
-Upside-down front window that causes leakage problems in heavy rain
-Too few parking spaces
-Noisy upstairs neighbours
-A funny smell
-Two phone books
-Delivered newspapers in blue plasic covers
-Warmth-seeking spiders (sorry Grandma...)
-Roomy bathtub incase the shower with immediate hot water doesn't cut it
-A square hole in the wall between the kitchen and the living room so I can see into whichever room I'm not in
-Reverse working light switches which drive Matthew crazy
-Windows which block out almost all outside noises
-White walls which arn't allowed to be painted
-Pretty garden areas around about that I can peer at through my windows

All in all we're very happy with it so far. We're settling in nicely, getting our home set up, deciding where different things go, etc... all of those fun 'new home' things.
I shall take pictures when we have ourselves established so you can all see!